At E-J Industries, we’ve honed our skillset over 75 years of experience across multiple industries. Our rich history in Chicago has allowed us to build a strong reputation that extends nationwide.


The Best in the Business

E-J Industries is a family business, and that’s how we think of our customers. We pride ourselves on longstanding relationships built on trust, where we partner with you from the very start. Our dedication to quality is driven by a constant pursuit of a better finished product. That’s what keeps our customers coming back time after time.

That unwavering track record of consistency starts at the top with our owner, Keith Weitzman. His knowledge of restaurant and hotel seating is truly unmatched across the industry, making him an invaluable resource for all of our clients.

Keith still remembers his first job at E-J: making buttons for our booths at age 10. A job that may seem mundane to some, Keith still gets excited thinking about those first contributions to this day. He grew up right here in our factory, learning the ropes from his father Leonard and the expert craftsman who have worked here through the decades.

After taking the reins from his father, Keith helped build our shop into what it is today. The future is also set, as Keith’s son Jason is now positioned to continue the growth of the company. Just like his father and grandfather before him.


The One-Stop Shop

Our family leadership team is joined by our team of engineers, carpenters and office staff inside our 150,000 square foot facility just a few miles from downtown Chicago. All working together to provide you with the best service, expertise and end product available.


Expert craftmanship rooted in deep experience at every level of the restaurant and hospitality industries.


Beautifully engineered and hand-finished projects taken from drafting to installation in high-end environments.


High-quality, in-house process that’s customizable to jobs of all shapes and sizes. For us, it’s not a lost art. It’s a valuable part of the process.


Individual, often large-scale pieces that show off our ability to take on any job—no matter how custom.


Let’s Build Something Together

We would love to hear about your project and answer any questions you might have. We can be reached at our phone number below. During non-business hours, you can use the form below to request information.


Monday-Friday 6AM-4:30PM CT


(312) 226-5023


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E.J. Industries, Inc.
1275 S. Campbell Ave
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